Foxy Fossils is a unique brand of adventure and natural beauty based out of Charleston, SC. The brand was created by Casey Danielle who is passionate about hunting, collecting, and identifying fossils. Casey goes out and finds each fossil by hand, collects and identifies them, and then intricately places them in her own stunning, original and timeless handmade jewelry designs. 

The brand Foxy Fossils is much more than just beautiful handmade fossil jewelry! It is an expression of Casey's connection to the ocean and her passion for fossil hunting in the Lowcountry, research about fossils, fossil identification and collecting, membership to paleontology organizations, donating fossils to schools, benefits/auctions, and environmental learning centers, as well as designing and handcrafting original, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry and art using real fossilized shark teeth, vertebrae, mouth plates, and an assortment of other natural items.  ​

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Foxy Fossils Jewelry Design offers charming, hand-made, and one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that make a signature statement using real fossils (shark teeth, vertebrae, mouth plates, etc.) that date back millions of years.  Each piece is delicately crafted into beautiful, elegant jewelry that makes a standout addition to any jewelry collection.  This connection to nature and history makes Foxy Fossils more than unique, it makes them the TIMELESS pieces they truly are!



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Hemipristis Serra Shark teeth. Fossil hunter Sullivan's Island. Natural treasures. Fossil hunting finds from Charleston SC shark teeth
shark tooth measuring a fossilized hemipristis serra "snaggletooth" shark tooth
fossil shark teeth found in Charleston, SC

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Fossils found and collected by Foxy Fossils for use in handcrafting original artisan jewelry are hunted on public land spots (e.g. such as beaches and shore lines) and collecting does not disrupt the natural archaeological framework of the sites hunted. Fossils are found on land surfaces and are collected by hand.  Foxy Fossils holds her Hobby Diver License for the state of South Carolina and reports any (if any) submerged paleontological findings to the South Carolina Museum Commission on a quarterly basis in accordance with the South Carolina Underwater Antiquities Act of 1991.  ​

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Fossil Mako shark teeth from Charleston, SC

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