Treasures from the Hunt


This was a great day of fossil hunting in Charleston, SC!  The picture to the left shows only a select few of my findings; however, some of my favorite fossils from today's hunt!  The large "chunky" piece in the middle is a lower molar from a prehistoric tapir!  This was a unique find for the particular spot I hunted today but such a sweet surprise!  It is fascinating to learn of about all of the different animal species that lived in our area millions of years ago (including camels)!  More pictures from my fossil hunts to come!


November 2016

mini fossil shark teeth glass vial jar necklace

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dainty layered necklace for women with fossil shark tooth in gold
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Each Piece Tells a Story Within a Story

I wanted to share pictures of the journey of what it takes to make my handmade Foxy Fossils Jewelry.  This includes paddleboarding to find fossils, collecting and identifying fossils, and carefully integrating these precious prehistoric pieces into my own unique, handmade jewelry design. This picture shows me (Casey) paddling to fossil hunt, some nice fossil shark vertebrae I found on my hunt (bottom left picture), and a vertebracelet I made using a real shark vertebrae I found in Charleston, SC (bottom right picture).  


October 2016