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Fossil shark tooth stud earrings
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Beautifully designed and handmade fossil jewelry.  Foxy Fossils' line includes earrings, studs, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.  All items use authentic fossilized shark teeth, vertebrae, mouth plates, and other natural marine materials.  Foxy fossils searches and collects fossilized specimens by hand on land sites around Charleston, SC. Each piece is unique and an original! Fossil jewelry for men and women. Shop now!

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Foxy Fossils is a reflection of the timeless beauty of our natural world, combined with a deep influence and intrinsic connection to the ocean and marine life.

Not only does Foxy Fossils create stunning, natural and stylish accessories, but all shark teeth and fossils used in the designs are found and collected by the Foxy Fossil hunter herself!  The process of each jewelry piece begins with the adventure of exploring the lands of the Lowcountry in search of fossils that represent prehistorical Charleston. These pieces are found and hand-collected by Foxy Fossils designer, Casey Danielle, making Foxy Fossils the unique brand that it is.

From mud boots and creek excursions, to fossil identification and jewelry design ideas and creation, Foxy Fossils finds passion in each step of the process!  


Foxy Fossils shark teeth findings

  • TIMELESS, ONE-OF-A-KIND statement jewelry pieces

  • HANDMADE jewelry using REAL fossils

  • ALL fossils FOUND by FOXY FOSSILS​

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